ZOE media may show orphaned or at-risk children but never trafficked children.
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::Fighting for Those Who Cannot Fight for Themselves::

ZOE is the Greek word for "LIFE."

ZOE Children's Homes is committed to caring for orphans or victims of other heinous crimes and abuse and rescuing children who are at-risk of being sold into slavery or have already been sold.

Currently, the United Nations believes that human trafficking is the third largest source of revenue for organized crime worldwide and is a MULTI-BILLION dollar business.  It is expected to surpass the drug and weapons trade.  Each year, 800,000 souls are trafficked across the international borders.  This is a growing global problem of epidemic proportions.  Not one inhabited continent is untouched by it, including the United States.  Statistics show that 80% of those who are trafficked are females and more devastatingly enough, 50% are children!

ZOE Children's Homes main focus are these precious children who may not have a voice.  We exist to combat the trafficking of children globally, especially in the sex trade, and provide shelters as well as a loving home to these orphans and children who have been abused or who are at-risk of any crime against them so that they can have life again.


 "Evil prevails when good people do nothing."

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